Our Philosophy

Smoking hookah connects. And for many it even is a lifestyle. Therefore, we at AEON are so serious about making your smoking experience unique. Thereof we developed a hookah, which stands out through its distinctive design and functionality.


Our passion for smoking hookah and the close cooperation with you brought forth products, which convince with uniqueness and innovation. After a long period of developing and testing, our products are being manufactured with precision and under high requirements in sophisticated production facilities in Germany.


We are offering real Made in Germany. And even more so, we are offering real „Made for You“. We are convinced that you should be able to modify your AEON hookah to you aesthetic and functional needs. Thus, you can personalize your AEON with a wide range of individualization options. 


Even after your purchase we will remain in close contact. We support you with all your concerns about our products through our customer service, which highly appreciated by our customers. No matter if you contact us via E-Mail, phone or WhatsApp.



Perfection and your satisfaction are driving us to give the upmost to make your smoking experience exceptional.

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