AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen

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AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Frozen
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Blizzard Blizzard
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Lava Lava
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Sky Sky
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Eclipse Eclipse
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Skyfall Skyfall
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Phantom Phantom
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Shadow Shadow
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Amethyst Amethyst
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Panda Panda
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Sky Frozen Sky
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Lava Frozen Lava
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Amethyst Frozen Amethyst
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Blizzard Frozen Blizzard
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Jungle Frozen Jungle
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Panda Frozen Panda
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Candy Frozen Candy
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Clear Clear
AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen Skyfall Frozen Skyfall
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The new AEON hookah - Edition 4 is the successor of the Edition 3 and was developed and... more
Product information

The new AEON hookah - Edition 4 is the successor of the Edition 3 and was developed and constantly tested for over a year. The AEON hookahs are produced in Germany under the highest quality standards from V2A stainless steel (1.4305 V2A stainless steel from Switzerland) near Stuttgart and then each component of the AEON hookah goes through another strict quality control in our warehouse. The production of the hookah in Germany is carried out with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and each thread is checked on site for accuracy of fit. The bases of the AEON hookah are mouth-blown in elaborate manual work and then checked for quality in our warehouse and glued with a high-quality 2-component glue. If you buy an AEON hookah, you can be sure to own an absolutely high-quality product, which has innovative features and was produced with a lot of manual work & assembled by us, because we pack every order from the individual parts ourselves in our warehouse and check the quality again.

Scope of delivery of the Edition 4 - Lounge

- Head adapter with M16x1 thread

- Ashtray (hand ground from V2A stainless steel)

- 18/8 ground joint on M16x1 adapter

- Smoke column with 29/2 ground joint at the bottom (M14x1 thread inside for fixing to the base) and 18/8 ground joint at the top

- Stembase with one connection incl. closed chamber and blow-off valve on the smoke column

- 1 x hose end piece with shortened 18/8 ground joint

- 4 x sleeves incl. 6mm ball for blowing out 

- Downstem with M14x1 thread on top and bottom

- Base with thread

How does the Edition 4 - Lounge differ from other hookahs? 

With the Edition 4 we have developed a new blow-off valve which guides the smoke upwards along the smoke column. This system also works when you attach other smoke columns to the Edition 4 (e.g. with the optional „stembase adapter"). We also offer other smoke columns that are compatible with the Edition 4, so that the position of the blow-off valve can be changed. The entire technology of the blow-out valve is elegantly hidden in the stembase and hardly visible from the outside. The stembase has a 29/2 cut, which means you can customise the Edition 4 according to your wishes. For example, other smoke columns with a 29/2 joint fit easily into the stembase and you can adapt the appearance of your hookah at any time. The smoke column, which is included with the Edition 4, is first inserted into the 29/2 joint of the stembase and then screwed to the downstem with an M14x1 thread. Since the smoke column has an 18/8 ground joint at the top, you can also attach a molasses trap or other components with an 18/8 ground joint and adjust the height of the Edition 4 according to your wishes.

How does the Edition 4 - Lounge differ from the other Edition 4 variants?

The Edition 4 - Lounge is specially designed for use in hookah bars. Few components, a simple construction but a modern, simple design with a beautiful blow-out valve (as with the other Edition 4 variants) ensure that the Edition 4 - Lounge is a real eye-catcher in every hookah Lounge. A diffuser has been omitted here, as people like to hear the "bubbling" of the hookah in hookah bars. However, a suitable diffuser for the Edition 4 is optionally available and can be attached to the downstem of the Edition 4 lounge without any problems. The smoke column consists of one part and is let into the stembase by a 29/2 joint and then screwed tightly to the downstem, so that the Edition 4 - Lounge could also be carried on the entire smoke column. There is an 18/8 ground joint under the ashtray so that the ashtray can be easily removed, for example, to change the bowl. Molasses catchers could also be attached as required. A shorter downstem could also be fitted for the Edition 4, the downstems of the different versions are compatible with each other.

You would like to test the Edition 4 - Lounge for your hookah bar?

Then simply contact us by e-mail at or via WhatsApp +49 15140510670. We will provide you with an Edition 4 - Lounge free of charge for 2 weeks against a deposit payment. If the Edition 4 - Lounge is returned to us undamaged after the 2 weeks, we will refund the deposit. Please note that this offer is only valid for operators of a hookah Lounge, not for private customers!


Dimensions of the hookah:

Height: approx. 53 cm

Weight: 4,20 kg


IMPORTANT NOTE: The bases are hand blown. Therefore, it is possible that small air bubbles can be found in the glass. If you are not satisfied with your base, please contact us. Please note that we can only exchange your base if it is unused and the shipping costs are paid by you. Please note the cleaning & care instructions, as well as the assembly instructions. You can find the instructions here.

Grease and other dirt can stick to the frozen bowls more easily. Therefore, handle the bowl with care.

Material: Glass, V2A stainless steel
Color: Silver, White
Blow-Off: Vertical upwards
Product type: Hookah
Height in cm: 53
Number of hose connections: 1
Base closure type: Screw closure
Perfect for: At home
Größe: Groß
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Customer evaluation for "AEON - Edition 4 - Lounge Frozen"
30 Dec 2020

Einfach Grandios

Ich habe mir nach langer Überlegung vor kurzem eine Ed4 Lounge zugelegt. Angekommen, Kopf gebaut und sofort losgelegt.
Ich war direkt begeistert. Qualität, Verpackung, Rauchverhalten und alles weitere waren erste klasse.

Dann musste ich leider feststellen, dass meine Bowl undicht war. An der Klebestelle des Gewindes war ein kleiner Defekt. So etwas kann natürlich passieren.

Und jetzt kommt das, was Aeon so sehr auszeichnet:

Der grandiose Service.

Nach einer kurzen Problemschilderung wurde mir noch am gleichen Tag eine Gratis Ersatzbowl zugeschickt.
Der Service war nett, zuverlässig und via WhatsApp oder Instagram super zu erreichen.

Daumen hoch.

Ich kann jedem, der am überlegen ist sich eine solch grandiose Pfeife zuzulegen diese nur sehr empfehlen!

10/10 Sternen !

17 Oct 2019


Durchzug echt top

1 Punkt Abzug aufgrund der Bilder hier und in echt, in echt ist die Bowl nicht ganz so weiß wie auf dem Bild ansonsten alles super

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