AEON Shisha - Edition 4 - Premium without base

AEON Shisha - Edition 4 - Premium ohne Bowl
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Edition 4 - Premium Set. The hookah is delivered without base. The new AEON Shisha -... more
Product information

Edition 4 - Premium Set. The hookah is delivered without base.

The new AEON Shisha - Edition 4 is the successor of the Edition 3 and was developed over a year & constantly tested. The AEON Shishas are produced in Germany under the highest quality requirements of V2A stainless steel (1.4305 V2A stainless steel from Switzerland) near Stuttgart and then each component of the AEON Shisha again undergoes a strict quality control at our warehouse. The production of the Shishas in Germany is carried out with the certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and each thread is checked on site for their accuracy of fit. The bowls of the AEON Shisha are mouth-blown in elaborate manual work and then checked in our warehouse for quality and glued with a high-quality 2-component adhesive. If you buy an AEON Shisha, you can be sure to own an absolutely high-quality product, which has innovative features and was produced with a lot of handwork & assembled by us, because we pack every order in our warehouse from the individual parts themselves and thereby again check the quality.

Scope of delivery of the Edition 4 - Premium

- Head adapter with M16x1 thread

- Carbon plate (hand ground from V2A stainless steel)

- 18/8 ground joint on M16x1 adapter

- Smoke column bottom with 29/2 ground joint bottom (M14x1 thread inside) and 18/8 ground joint top

- Smoke column top with 18/8 ground joint

- Base with 4 connections incl. closed chamber and blow-off valve on the smoke column

- 4 x hose end pieces with shortened 18/8 grind incl. 11mm ball

- Draught reducer (can be used optionally to adjust the draught of a traditional shisha)

- 4 x sleeves incl. 6mm ball for blowing out

- 4 x Patented APS (AEON Purge System) in Base, consisting of 3 parts each: Ball seat for 11mm ball, spring and adjustable blow-out device.

- Dip tube top with M14x1 thread

- Dip tube bottom with M14x1 thread (Dip tube length can be adjusted to fit individual tightening)

- Diffuser with M14x1 thread

- Adapter for plug-in bowls

 How does the Edition 4 - Premium compare to other shishas?

The Edition 4 features the patented AEON Purge System (APS) which allows you to purge smoke from the bowl without removing any balls from the end of the hose to get the stale smoke out of the bowl. The APS works by a spring that is pushed down when you blow into your hose, creating a gap over which you can vent the smoke from the bowl. You can adjust the APS by screwing the blow-out device in or out of the base. If you screw it further into the base, the spring gets more tension and it is harder to blow out, whereas if you screw it far out, it is easier to blow out. With the Edition 4, we have also developed a new blow-off valve, which guides the smoke upwards along the smoke column. This prevents you from blowing smoke up along the smoke column instead of out of the other tubes when you blow. This system also works when you attach other smoke columns to the Edition 4. We also offer other smoke columns that are compatible with the Edition 4 and the position of the blow-off valve can be changed. The entire technology of the APS and the blow-off valve is elegantly hidden in the Base and hardly visible from the outside. The base has a 29/2 cut, which means you can customize the Edition 4 according to your wishes. For example, other smoke columns with 29/2 cut fit easily into the base and you can customize the look of your hookah at any time. The smoke column, which is included with the Edition 4, is first inserted into the 29/2 cut of the base and then screwed to the dip tube with M14x1 thread. Since the smoke column has an 18/8 ground joint at the top, you can also attach a molasses trap or other components with 18/8 ground joint and adjust the height of the Edition 4 according to your wishes. With the base adapter, which is available as an accessory, you can also easily attach smoke columns with M16x1 thread to your Edition 4 and thus make your Edition 4 even more individual.

How does the Edition 4 - Premium differ from the Basic?

The Edition 4 - Premium has a two-piece smoke column, a divisible dip tube and a draught reducer. With the two-piece smoke column you can adjust the height of the Edition 4 - Premium and with the two-piece dip tube you can adjust the volume in the bowl. The long dip tube allows you to have more smoke in the bowl and is therefore particularly suitable if you often smoke with several people at the same time. If you only smoke alone or in pairs, you can shorten the dip tube and thus set a faster draw. The draft reducer can optionally be inserted into a hose end piece and reduces the draft at the hose end piece from 11mm to 7.5mm, if you want a more traditional draft. You can also find other draft reducers as accessories in our store.


Dimensions of the hookah:

Height: approx. 53 cm

Weight: 4,20 kg

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bowls are hand-blown. Therefore, it may happen that small air bubbles are found in the glass. If you are not satisfied with your bowl, please contact us. Please note that we can only exchange your bowl if it is unused and the shipping costs are paid by you. Please follow the cleaning & care instructions, as well as the assembly instructions on

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