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Edition 4 Setup - FAQ

What should be considered before using the product?

Please clean all parts before using the Shisha. The base should be unscrewed completely and each component should be cleaned with lukewarm water. It is especially important that the components are dried again afterwards and that there are no water residues on the stainless steel parts! Please do not use hot water when cleaning. Threads and ground joints can tilt if these areas are wet and are not dried properly. After each cleaning process, please make sure that the threads and ground joints are dry, as well as the areas where the ground joint or thread is screwed / plugged in. Especially ground joints tend to tilt if they are inserted more firmly. In order not to increase the pressure on the ground joints, place the ground joints only lightly into each other and do not increase the pressure on the ground joint, for example by putting your head on the head adapter and then lightly putting the carbon plate with ground joint into the smoke column. With the thread on the bowl and on the base, make sure that it is not turned too tightly, otherwise it can tilt.

How is the Edition 4 built?

The base of Edition 4 is already assembled when you buy an Edition 4. Screw the dip tube into the Base and then screw the smoke column into the Base from above so that the thread of the dip tube is screwed to the smoke column. Then assemble the carbon plate by pushing the head adapter with the external thread through the hole in the carbon plate and then screw it together with the 18/8 ground to M16x1 adapter. Now you can put the carbon plate into the smoke column. Fill the bowl with water and screw your assembly onto the thread of the bowl. Please take care to put the Base carefully on the thread, because the Base has an external thread and can be damaged if the stainless steel is knocked. Now put the 4 x 11mm glass balls into the side holes of the Base and then insert a hose end piece in each. Afterwards the silicone hose with mouthpiece can be attached to the hose end pieces. Please make sure that the shisha is never carried by the stainless steel parts, but only by the glass. The bowl and the stainless steel parts should also not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Warm temperatures and the use of aggressive detergent could damage the glue on the bowl. Through flash rust on other objects in the dishwasher, this can get on the Shisha, this should of course be prevented!


APS adjustment (AEON Purge System)

APS setting

The base of the Edition 4 has the function of blowing smoke out of the bowl, even though each connector has a ball in it. This works with the built-in APS component (AEON Purge System). The standard setting of the Base is in the flush position. This ensures an easy blowing out, but the system can leak if you pull extremely hard or several people pull at the same time. In this case it is recommended to screw in the APS a little bit, because the spring tension in the APS will be increased and the system will be tighter. The maximum setting of the APS can be seen on the right side of the picture and ensures that the system is extremely tight, but then the blowing out is not so smooth anymore. We recommend that you try several positions of the APS. If you want to smoke on your own, we would recommend that you screw in all but one APS (where your hose is positioned) and remove the ball from your hose connector. The APS may also be in a different setting on other hose connectors. It is not necessary to set all 4 APS the same way. Please note that the further the APS is screwed into the base, the tighter the system becomes, but also the harder it is to blow out.

APS - General Info
The APS is used to vent the shisha, which allows for blowing out through the hose. All adjustments that can be made here by means of the threaded bush are only used to adjust to blow the smoke out of the bowl. The sensitivity of the suit cannot be adjusted here (i.e. how easily the hose can be pulled).

APS - adjustment
To find the best setting for you, it is sufficient to screw the base with dip tube into the bowl filled with water (the APS must be installed). It is enough to pull and blow with a hose, this makes the adjustment much easier.

First of all an info:
- Pretension at the APS should be increased (APS is turned clockwise) - makes blowing more difficult, the counter pressure becomes higher, the system becomes tighter, recommended if several people smoke at the same time.
- Release the pre-tension on the APS (APS is turned counter-clockwise) - facilitates blowing out, the counter-pressure becomes lower, the system leaks if the hose is pulled strongly, recommended for a single person smoking.

For the basic adjustment the threaded sleeves should be screwed about 1-2mm deep into the base. Please make sure that after cleaning the Shisha the holes of the Base, as well as the components of the APS are dried thoroughly.

When and how is the recruitment?
In general, the lighter test is recommended.
In this test, the hose connection is pulled by means of a hose and a lighter is used to test whether the remaining 3 hose connections draw the flame into the shisha. To do this, hold a lighter bit by bit next to the 3 hose ends where no hose is attached. Turn on the lighter and then pull on your hose.

Point 1. flame pulls into the hose connector?
- Unscrew the shisha and increase the pretension of the threaded sleeves on all connections by half a turn (clockwise deeper into the base).
Repeat the process until the flame of the lighter is no longer affected by the tightening.

Point 2. flame does not draw into the hose connection from the start?
- If you wish, you can release the pre-tensions a little bit (counterclockwise out of the Base), because blowing out is too difficult.
Please take care not to loosen the pre-tension too much, otherwise air from outside could be drawn in. If this happens, proceed as described in point 1.

The system vibrates or whistles?

- In most cases this is due to the spring preload being too low or the components being wet. If you cannot find a solution to your problem despite the above instructions, please contact us by email at info@aeon-shisha.com or by WhatsApp at +49 151 40510670 and we will help you. 

Adjusting the airflow

Drainage reducer-8mm-hose end piece

The draught reducer that is included in the delivery of Edition 4 - Premium and Premium Plus can optionally be mounted in a hose end piece to adjust the draught. The draft reducer is placed between the silicone hose and the hose end piece and reduces the draft from 11mm to 7.5mm. So if you prefer a more rigid traditional draft, you are welcome to use the draft reducer.

If you smoke alone on the Edition 4 - Basic, Premium or Premium Plus, you are welcome to remove the ball from the base at your connection. This will make the draft a little better and you can blow out even more easily.

- Adjust the suit:

The suit of the Edition 4 can be adjusted over the length of the immersion tube and the smoke column. If you have a short dip tube and a short smoke column, the smoking of the Edition 4 is more direct and you draw fresh smoke faster, because the volume in the bowl is smaller. However, this is not recommended if you smoke with several people at the same time, as the smoke can then warm up too quickly. If you smoke with 3 or 4 people at the same time, we recommend you smoke with a long pipe and a long smoke column.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

- How much water has to go in the glass?

Since all glasses are handmade and always differ slightly, we cannot give a general indication of how much water has to go into the glass. The dip tube without diffusor should be about 1,5 - 2cm in the water. If you use a diffusor, the water should be about 1 cm above the top of the diffusor.

- How often should I clean the hookah?

The hookah should be cleaned thoroughly after each smoking. Please take all parts apart and clean it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Afterwards please dry all parts well and then reassemble them.

- The Edition 4 hums - what could be the reason?

If the Edition 4 hums when blown out, it is because the spring in the APS is wet. Please clean the components individually in the APS and then dry them thoroughly. Also by screwing in the spring you can see if the humming disappears.

- Can I add a 18/8 cut to the Edition 4, e.g. a molasse catcher?

Yes you can. The smoke column elements have a 18/8 grind on the top and all smoke columns, molasse catcher or pre-cooler can be mounted there with a 18/8 grind.

- The smoke does not come out at the top but at the hoses, why is that?

The fact that smoke can also come out of the hose end pieces is completely normal. There are 8 balls in the Edition 4. The 4 small 6mm balls take off earlier, because they are much lighter than the 4 11mm balls in the hose end pieces. However, if the pressure is so high (for example, if you blow out very strongly) the other 11mm balls will also lift off and the smoke can escape from the tube ends. If the smoke escapes only from the hose ends and not from the 6mm balls, then the 6mm balls are clogged. For this please hold the other 3 hose ends and blow into them (best to take the head off the shisha first in case water splashes up). The best way to get rid of the clogging of the small 6mm balls in the base is of course to take them out and dry the area where the balls are inside thoroughly, drying the ball and the ball container so that the balls don't get stuck. 

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