VYRO - One - die Festival Shisha eurer Wahl

With the VYRO - One you have a safe festival hookah.

For us, a real festival hookah has to be compact, robust and easy to smoke. The most important thing, however, is that no glass is used in the festival hookah, as bringing glass containers (such as a bowl) is prohibited at most events.

Based on these facts and our personal assessment of what makes a good Festival hookah, we have developed our VYRO - One. Heavy and fragile glass was replaced by light and ultra-robust carbon. In addition, we have dispensed with the typical shape of a hookah in order to achieve a low centre of gravity and high compactness. After all, a festival hookah does not always stand on flat surfaces. So that you don't have to worry about having loads of fresh water at concerts and other events, our small Festival hookah can be filled several times with half a litre of water.

The VYRO - One is available in several colours. You can choose between black, green, gold, red, pink, blue, forged, forged black & forged gold carbon. Apart from the carbon variants, we now also have the VYRO - ONE Ghost & Frozen Ghost with acrylic glass.

If you have any further suggestions about what are important arguments for you when buying a Festival hookah, please let us know. Just write an email to info@aeon-shisha.com.

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