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Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Watermelon - 2 Pieces

Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Watermelon
Geschmack: Wassermelone
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Colors. Choose the one you like best.

Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Peach Blueberry - 2 Stück Peach Blueberry
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Green Apple - 2 Stück Green Apple
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Lemon Tea - 2 Stück Lemon Tea
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Passion Fruit - 2 Stück Passion Fruit
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Cactus Ice - 2 Stück Cactus Ice
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Strawberry Lush Ice - 2 Stück Strawberry Lush Ice
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Apple Raspberry - 2 Stück Apple Raspberry
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Watermelon - 2 Stück Watermelon
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Strawberry Watermelon - 2 Stück Strawberry Watermelon
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Strawberry Kiwi - 2 Stück Strawberry Kiwi
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Grapes - 2 Stück Grapes
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Pineapple Peach Pear - 2 Stück Pineapple Peach Pear
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Cola Ice - 2 Stück Cola Ice
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Doppel Apfel - 2 Stück Doppel Apfel
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Kiwifruit Guave - 2 Stück Kiwifruit Guave
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Blueberry Watermelon - 2 Stück Blueberry Watermelon
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Blueraspberry Lemon - 2 Stück Blueraspberry Lemon
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Pink Lemonade - 2 Stück Pink Lemonade
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Pina Colada - 2 Stück Pina Colada
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Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Watermelon - 2 Pieces - Information The LUVA PODS are a sustainable... more
Product information

Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Watermelon - 2 Pieces - Information

The LUVA PODS are a sustainable alternative to conventional disposable e-cigarettes.

The pods are made of first-class PCTG material and are therefore not only particularly durable, but also heat-resistant. With an impressive nicotine concentration of 20mg/ml, they know how to convince.

With the LUVA PODS, you can shape your vapour enjoyment entirely according to your preferences and needs. Discover a diverse selection of flavours that offer you a unique experience. But it's not just you who benefits from LUVA PODS - the environment is also protected. Because unlike disposable e-cigarettes, reusable LUVA PODS are less harmful to the environment and therefore contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.

How long do LUVA PODS last?

The LUVA PODS are equipped with a 2ml nicotine salt e-liquid tank, which allows for about 800 puffs. The battery of the LUVA should ideally have a runtime equal to the consumption of the liquid.

How do you replace the pods?

To experience the full pleasure of your LUVA e-cigarette, you should first remove the old pod from the device. Pull it out carefully. Then you can take the new Pod out of the packaging & remove the protective cap. Gently insert the new Pod into the device until you hear it click into place. Make sure the Pod is inserted correctly to enjoy a unique taste experience. Once everything is in place, you can sit back and enjoy your LUVA e-cigarette to the fullest.
Flavours for your LUVA PODS
Lovesticks - LUVA Pod Watermelon - Data
  • Pre-filled pods for the rechargeable LUVA POD SYSTEM
  • Mesh vaporiser head
  • Made from food grade PCTG
  • Magnetic pod fixation
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Capacity: 2 ml
Product type: Vape Pod
Aroma: Wassermelone
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