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What is a charcoal basket and why is it useful?

The charcoal basket is an absolute must-have for the hookah session. As the name suggests, the coal can be easily transported & deposited in the coal basket. Who often smokes hookah, will know the problem - where to put the ash and where to put the coal that you are not using? In the following text, we explain to you which different charcoal baskets there are & why the charcoal basket is useful. 

What is a coal basket?

A charcoal basket is a container in which you can transport and store your hookah coal after lighting. Especially if you don't want to use all the charcoal directly on your hookah bowl, you can easily store it in the charcoal basket before you need it again. 

There are many different designs and sizes of the charcoal basket. Depending on how much charcoal you are transporting through, you should choose either a small or large charcoal basket. 

Small charcoal basket 

  • Small coal basket Perfect for transporting a maximum of four coals at a time
  • Does not take up much space, as it is only a small coal basket
  • Is quite enough if you only smoke alone

Large charcoal basket

  • Much more than four coals can be transported and stored in the large coal basket at the same time
  • The charcoal can be stored in the charcoal basket even for a longer period of time
  • Large charcoal basket is perfect if you often smoke together with friends

Why put the charcoal in a coal basket and not just on the plate?

Depending on how often and for how long you put the hookah charcoal on the hookah plate, unsightly charcoal stains can appear after time. To avoid this, the charcoal basket offers itself unconditionally as an essential accessory. In addition, the coals are stored more safely in the charcoal basket than on the plate. All it takes is for someone to bump into the hookah or the table and the hookah coals are already on the floor, creating burn holes. So it is better to use a charcoal basket to avoid any risk. 

What should you look for when buying?

You should pay attention to the following points before you rush to buy a charcoal basket. 

  • If you often smoke with friends, the charcoal basket should have enough space for several coals.
  • Do you like the shape and size? There are different shapes and sizes. So you should consider which charcoal basket suits you best.
  • Pay attention to the material used. You should also pay attention to the material and quality of a charcoal basket
What material is a charcoal basket made of?

Usually, a charcoal basket consists of a frame and a basket insert, both of which are made of stainless steel. However, there are also some that are made of a mix of materials. In this case, the actual container is always made of stainless steel. Because of the material, you can assume that a charcoal basket is a product that you buy only once and then you can enjoy it for a long time. 

Buy charcoal basket at AEON

We have a small but well-selected selection of charcoal baskets with us in the AEON hookah online store. So here you can find the perfect charcoal basket for your next shisha session without having to search hard. You are not sure which charcoal basket fits your needs? You are welcome to write to us at any time & let us advise you which charcoal basket suits you and your setup.