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What is a phunnel bowl actually?

When it comes to smoking a hookah, the hookah bowl is a crucial factor that affects the quality of the smoke. There are many different types of hookah bowls, but one particularly popular option is the so-called phunnel bowl. 

The phunnel hookah bowl is a special type of hookah bowl that offers an optimal smoking experience due to its special design. Unlike a traditional hookah bowl, the phunnel bowl has only one central hole in the middle through which the smoke is drawn. Around the central hole there is a shallow depression, called the tobacco deposit. The tobacco is placed in this depression. This keeps the flavor more concentrated. 

Packing a phunnel bowl - but how?

Building a phunnel bowl is not witchcraft. The hookah tobacco is simply placed loosely fluffy in the tobacco depot. It should be noted that the tobacco is not pressed too much and built about edge high. Of course, the result can be different when using different tobaccos. It depends on the heat sensitivity of the respective tobacco. With the construction method described above, however, you generally never go wrong. You can still play with the height of the tobacco.

Advantages of a Phunnel

A big advantage of phunnel bowls is that you usually use less tobacco & the smoke development is more. Depending on the model, you use between 10 and 25 grams of tobacco with a good phunnel bowl. It should be noted that of course the smoking time is also significantly higher if you use a phunnel hookah bowl, in which there is more hookah tobacco. The tobacco in a small phunnel with about 25 grams burns faster than the tobacco in a hookah phunnel with 25 grams.

Which HMD do I need for a phunnel bowl?

For smoking with a phunnel bowl, the best choice is a HMD made of aluminum or stainless steel. The attachment is placed directly on the tobacco or the rim and heats the tobacco by direct heat. Depending on which hookah HMD is used, between 2 and 3 coals fit directly into the HMD. The heat can be easily regulated by adding or removing the charcoal. In the beginning, it is better to give a little less heat, before the tobacco burns directly in the hookah phunnel. 

Here you can find our selection of stainless steel HMD's. If you are looking for a HMD made of aluminum, you are right here. 

Buy the right hookah phunnel

In our AEON hookah shop you will find a large selection of different phunnel bowls with different sized tobacco depots. We have hookah phunnel from well-known manufacturers such as VYRO, Oblako, Werkbund, Hookain and Don. If you are not sure which phunnel bowl suits you best, you can always write to us. We will be happy to advise you.