VYRO - One Dark Ghost - Travel Bundle

VYRO - One Dark Ghost - Travel Bundle
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VYRO - One Dark Ghost - Travel Bundle Dark Ghost
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VYRO - One Dark Ghost - Travel Bundle The VYRO - One is the perfect travel hookah for on the go... more
Product information

VYRO - One Dark Ghost - Travel Bundle

The VYRO - One is the perfect travel hookah for on the go and is produced from V2A stainless steel and real carbon. The VYRO - One has been designed, developed & tested by AEON since summer 2018.

Since the body of the VYRO - One is made of real carbon and not glass, the VYRO - One is also perfect for festivals and very stable. Through our newly developed blow-out system, it is possible for the first time to blow out the smoke below the water. The VYRO - One was designed so that the entire center of gravity of the hookah is at the bottom and although the One is so small, it stands very stable and does not easily tip over. The hose connection and blow out valve are both located at the bottom of the One. By having the hose at the bottom, it also prevents the hose from kinking or the shisha from being knocked over when the hose is pulled. The VYRO - One has an integrated diffuser and a pleasant draft.

Scope of delivery of the VYRO - One Dark Ghost Travel Bundle:
  • VYRO - One Dark Ghost Shisha
  • VYRO Carbon mouthpiece 17cm Frozen Ghost
  • VYRO Silicone hose black
  • VYRO Globe Helsinki
  • INVI Scalar HMD Alu
  • Charcoal Tong 22cm
  • AO Gas Stove
  • Gotra gas cartridge for gas cooker
  • Brennstoff 26er 1KG Charcoal
It can happen that some decorative threads in the carbon have color deviations or are laid unevenly. Also small air bubbles may appear in the carbon. This is not a reason for complaint.
The sleeve should only be opened and closed at the lower stainless steel ring. Please do not open and close the upper sleeve!
Material: Carbon, V2A stainless steel
Color: Black, Silver
Blow-Off: Horizontal
Product type: Bundle, Hookah
Number of hose connections: 1
Base closure type: Screw closure
Perfect for: On the way
Height in cm: 15,5
Size: Small
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