AO Blazer H - Charcoal Lighter

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AO Blazer T Kohlenanzünder 650W Blazer T
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AO Blazer H - Kohleanzünder Blazer H
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AO Blazer H - charcoal lighter An effective windbreak for a chimney effect - The flat windbreak... more
Product information

AO Blazer H - charcoal lighter

An effective windbreak for a chimney effect - The flat windbreak is not storm proof, but it does ensure that a slight chimney effect is created over the heating coil, causing the charcoal to glow faster and more effectively.
  • LESS PROBABILITY TO FAILURE THAN CONVENTIONAL COAL LIGHTERS - Unlike conventional charcoal lighters, the greater distance between the heating coil and the cables minimises the susceptibility to failure due to the design! With this innovative design, reliable operation is guaranteed.
  • Ideal choice for natural charcoal - The AO Blazer H electric charcoal lighter is the perfect solution for getting natural charcoal to glow quickly and cleanly.
  • WAFFLE COAL GRID - Thanks to the included coal grid, the heating coil is protected and lighting the pieces of coal is made easier.
  • 650 W POWER - Get your shisha charcoal glowing in about 10 minutes with the power of the new AO charcoal lighter.
Are you looking for an efficient way to heat your natural charcoal quickly and thoroughly? Then the AO Blazer H charcoal lighter is just the thing for you! With a power of 650 W, this charcoal lighter has been specially developed for heating up shisha charcoal. Thanks to the included charcoal grid, which protects the heating coil of the AO Blazer H from impurities, you can heat up enough charcoal for several shisha. After only about 10 minutes, you are ready for the ultimate shisha pleasure! The AO Blazer H 650 W charcoal lighter is a powerful device that is easy to store and perfect for extended shisha sessions with your friends.

The AO Blazer H 650 W carries a CE seal.

The AO Blazer H 650 W is a charcoal lighter that works by electric operation. We strongly recommend that you place the lighter in a stable place as it generates a lot of heat. It is important to note that this charcoal lighter is not suitable for use in commercial environments such as shisha bars. Please note that in case of defects or damages, no warranty will be accepted.

Scope of delivery Charcoal lighter AO Blazer H:
  • 1x charcoal lighter AO Blazer H 1000 W
  • 1x charcoal grid
  • 1x charcoal tongs
Color: Black
Product type: Charcoal lighter
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