ARKA Tempest Hookah Phunnel - Urartian Blue

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ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Urartian Blue
ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Urartian Blue
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Colors. Choose the one you like best.

ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Cilician Fire Cilician Fire
ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Urartian Blue Urartian Blue
ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Anubeyon Black Anubeyon Black
ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Phoenician Gold Phoenician Gold
ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Mykonos Sky Mykonos Sky
ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Pyrenees Lavender Pyrenees Lavender
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AO HMD 912 - stainless steel gun metal
Bowl Grommet Rubber Natural
Bowl Silicon Grommet Black
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ARKA Tempest Hookah Phunnel - Urartian Blue - Information A team of seasoned experts in hookah,... more
Product information

ARKA Tempest Hookah Phunnel - Urartian Blue - Information

A team of seasoned experts in hookah, ceramics, and thermodynamics, led by renowned hookah master Sarkis Alexander, developed the Tempest Phunnel. Together, they bring 105 years of experience in their respective fields. The Tempest Phunnel is arguably one of the most versatile hookah bowls on the market.

The mission was to create a bowl that lives up to its name - Tempest, meaning "fierce storm" - and is so versatile that it can be used with any type of hookah tobacco, any hmd, and any set-up.

A distinctive design and the best materials

Using our proprietary clay, premium performance is achieved, beautifully packaged in luxurious aesthetics. The unusual inner and outer shape of the bowl and the unique Tempest phunnel hole are the result of engineering focused on performance. The ARKA Tempest LP1 series features a premium phunnel hole inspired by turbine engines. The specific width and angle of the cuts in the phunnel hole are the result of a decade of research and development. Every feature, every curve, has been carefully designed to work in sync with each other to maximize crisp flavors and produce huge clouds with ease while keeping tobacco consumption to a reasonable minimum. With incredible heat retention and heat resistance, ARKA has created a hookah bowl that is able to reach and maintain the optimal temperature - without overheating - to suit all preferences, all for your smoking pleasure.

The Launch Production 1 (LP1) version features a unique design, a flawless finish and 6 limited edition color variations inspired by regions of the ancient world: Egypt, Urartu, Cilicia, Phoenicia, Greece and the Pyrenees.

Highest quality thanks to optimal glaze

The glaze of all LP1 series bowls consists of 5 to 7 layers, which are slowly hardened in high-temperature kilns. The glaze is painstakingly applied by hand to not only achieve the unique look of the coloration, but also to withstand excessive heat without cracking or fading.

ARKA Tempest Shisha Phunnel - Urartian Blue - Technical Information

Height: approx. 12.3 cm
Width: approx. 7.6 cm
Depth of deposit: approx. 1.2 cm
Weight: approx. 242 g
Filling quantity: approx. 19-23 g

Color: Beige, Blue, Burgunder, Gold, Light blue
Material: Clay
Product type: Bowl
Bowl type: Phunnel bowl
Suitable for: Aluminium foil, HMD
Tobacco depot in grams: 23
Wie viel Gramm passt in den Kopf?: 19-23
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