AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Skyfall

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AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Mint Mint
AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Dune Dune
AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Slate Slate
AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Rose Rose
AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Phantom Phantom
AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Frozen Frozen
AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Skyfall Skyfall
AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus ohne Bowl Ohne Bowl
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AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Skyfall - Information For those who want to take their hookah to... more
Product information

AEON - Edition 5 - Lounge Plus Skyfall - Information

For those who want to take their hookah to the next level while having full control over their set-up, there is no better choice than the AEON Edition - 5 Lounge Plus. With impressive features and unbeatable quality, it is an absolute highlight and offers an unparalleled smoking experience.

Adjust the blow-off

Thanks to the innovative crown on the base, it is now possible to adjust the blow-off according to your individual needs. You have the choice between two different blow-off variants on the base as well as the option to either close or open a blow-off below the plate.

Adjusting the draught

Thanks to the built-in magnet on your hose connection, you have the possibility to adjust the draught on your smoke column individually. The magnetic force moves a ball that can be placed in different diameters, allowing you to adjust the draw from about 11mm to as low as 8.6mm. This way you can further optimise your smoking experience and adapt it to your personal preferences.

Integrated molasses catcher

The integrated molasses catcher lasts for 1-2 sessions and is particularly easy to clean. The molasses catcher is hidden in the smoke column and is simply screwed into the ground joint adapter. It can be easily removed if you don't need it.

New design

The Edition 5 models have a completely new look, featuring angular shapes for a refreshingly modern appearance.
Invert stem integrated
The Edition 5 comes with the invert smoke column as standard. You don't have to buy any additional accessories to change the look of your Edition 5 - simply change the sleeve. This way, you can customise your Edition 5 to your liking without having to buy additional accessories.
Please note that our glasses are handmade and may differ from colours and colour gradients. The images shown on the website are only sample images. As all bases are handmade, there may be small air bubbles in the glass. If you are unhappy with your base, please contact us. Please note that we can only exchange your base if it is unused and the shipping costs are covered by you.
Material: Glass, V2A stainless steel
Color: Blue, Silver, White
Blow-Off: Adjustable, Horizontal, Vertical upwards
Product type: Hookah
Number of hose connections: 1
Base closure type: Screw closure
Perfect for: At home
Size: Large
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