ELMNT Lee C Air Line 25g Hookah Tobacco

Geschmack: Litschi & Zitrone
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ELMNT Amazing G Air Line 25g Shisha Tabak Amazing G
ELMNT GP-MN Air Line 25g Shisha Tabak GP-MN
ELMNT Lee C Air Line 25g Shisha Tabak Lee C
ELMNT Maui Air Line 25g Shisha Tabak Maui
ELMNT Sahara Desert Air Line 25g Shisha Tabak Sahara Desert
ELMNT Thai MG Air Line 25g Shisha Tabak Thai MG
ELMNT Yellowgrass Air Line 25g Shisha Tabak Yellowgrass
ELMNT Fairytale Air Line 25g Shisha Tabak Fairytale
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What does the ELMNT Lee C Air Line 25g hookah tobacco taste like? One of ELMNT's bestsellers! A... more
Product information

What does the ELMNT Lee C Air Line 25g hookah tobacco taste like?

One of ELMNT's bestsellers! A sweet lychee paired with tart citrus fruits. An incredibly tasty hookah tobacco.

What makes ELMNT Lee C Air Line 25g so special?

The popular Russian tobacco manufacturer Element is finally coming to Germany under the name ELMNT. The four different tobacco lines & the high-quality flavors in combination with the best Virginia & Burley raw tobacco make ELMNT hookah tobacco a truly special tobacco.

Which lines of ELMNT tobacco are available?

The name Element is no coincidence. Everything revolves around the four elements - air, water, earth and fire. And that's also the name of the brand's four tobacco lines. The Air, Water & Earth Line will be available for the German market launch.

The Air Line is the weakest line & is made entirely with low-nicotine Virginia tobacco. The Air Line tobacco is definitely suitable for everyone & especially for hookah beginners.

The Water Line, on the other hand, uses Burley tobacco as the raw tobacco, which gives the tobacco a higher nicotine content and therefore a pleasant basic tobacco note. The Water Line is a tobacco with a medium strength, i.e. for hookah smokers who already have some experience with darkblend or Burley tobacco. If you have not yet smoked much darkblend, we recommend simply mixing the Water Line tobacco with normal Virginia tobacco to start with. This way you can slowly get used to the nicotine content and keep increasing.

The last and strongest tobacco line from ELMNT, which is available at the start of sales, is the Earth Line. This line uses Burley tobacco with a high nicotine content, which is only suitable for experienced hookah smokers. Have you been smoking darkblend for a long time & find normal Virginia tobacco too weak? Then the ELMNT Earth Line is just right for you!

The Fire Line is likely to reach the German hookah market in the future. There are no details about the tobacco line yet, but we are very excited.

What is the best way to build the ELMNT Lee C Air Line 25g?

As the ELMNT Lee C Air Line 25g is a Virginia tobacco, we recommend a phunnel setup with a HMD. Simply place the ELMNT hookah tobacco loosely in the tobacco depot & make sure that you do not build it over the edge of the phunnel.

You can experiment with the height and find your perfect bowl packing. It all depends on your taste. There are some smokers who build the tobacco a little higher so that the tobacco has slight contact with the HMD.
Tobacco type: Virginia
Taste: Fruity, Süßlich
Flavor: Lemon, Lychee
Content: 25g
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