What is a hookah molasses catcher?

A molasses catcher is a vessel that can be installed in a hookah by means of a ground joint or screw thread in order to catch excess molasses that drips down from the hookah bowl. A molasses catcher can therefore be very useful in various scenarios. The materials used for a hookah molasses catcher are mostly glass, stainless steel and plastic.

When do I need a molasses catcher?

The use of a molasses catcher can have several reasons. On the one hand, it makes sense to use a hookah molasses catcher when you smoke very moist hookah tobacco. The hookah becomes particularly dirty when the tobacco is smoked in a turkish bowl. Since in a turkish bowl the holes are at the bottom of the tobacco depot, it is of course not difficult for the molasses to drip down through the holes into the smoke column and thus also into the hookah. This is where the function of the molasses catcher comes into play. The dripping tobacco molasses is caught by the molasses catcher & thus prevents soiling of the hookah & especially the hookah base, if you use a transparent hookah base.

Also visually, the hookah molasses catcher can be used well depending on the model & taste. Since there are many shapes & materials, it can fit very well into the personal hookah setup.

What is the best way to clean the hookah molasses catcher?

The best way to clean the molasses catcher is with lukewarm water. Please note that depending on the material, you should not use too hot water for cleaning. Hot water can be especially dangerous for glass molasses catcher.

Optimally, you fill the molasses catcher before use with a little water, because the hookah molasses is very viscous & thus makes the cleaning of the molasses catcher more difficult. If there is already some water in the molasses catcher, the dripping molasses can mix directly with the water & be better removed from the molasses catcher.

For cleaning, the AEON - SONIQ CLEANER is especially recommended. This cleans components of your hookah such as the molasses catcher by ultrasonic waves. You can find the AEON - SONIQ CLEANER here.

Which molasses catcher is suitable for my hookah?

There are molasses catchers that are inserted between the smoke column and the plate by means of a ground joint. Mostly a 18/8 ground joint is used. Then there are the molasses catchers, which can be screwed to the ground joint adapter with a screw thread under the plate. The third variant is a molasses catcher that is simply plugged onto the bowl adapter of the hookah with a seal.

So in the first step, you have to be clear about what kind of molasses catcher makes sense for you. Then it goes to the material & the shape. Here it is theoretically pure matter of taste. There are molasses traps made of glass in different shapes as well as molasses traps made of stainless steel in different shapes. The glass molasses trap usually looks a little nicer, or has a nicer shape. However, the glass molasses trap can also break easily or be broken. Here you should be very careful and, for example, put the bowl on the bowl adapter, if the plate has not yet been put on the glass molasses catcher by means of the cut. The stainless steel molasses catcher go is much easier & more stable in use. The stainless steel molasses catcher is also much less complicated to clean.

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At AEON Hookah you can find the right molasses catcher for your hookah from a large selection. If you don't know which molasses catcher fits your hookah, or if you need advice, please feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to be able to help you.