Savu LiM2 250g Hookah Tobacco (10x25g)

Savu LiM2 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g)
Geschmack: Bonbon & Limette
€40.00 *
Content: 0.25 Kilogramm (€160.00 * / 1 Kilogramm)

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Colors. Choose the one you like best.

Savu CHEFTALI 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) CHEFTALI
Savu SPEEDY 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) SPEEDY
Savu BERO MIND 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) BERO MIND
Savu COCOVAY 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) COCOVAY
Savu RASPBELLY 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) RASPBELLY
Savu GALLIA 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) GALLIA
Savu DUTTY 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) DUTTY
Savu MAMA LUMA 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) MAMA LUMA
Savu 2ANA 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) 2ANA
Savu HÄUPTLING 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) HÄUPTLING
Savu GREEN BEAR 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) GREEN BEAR
Savu LiM2 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) LiM2
Savu ICEONE 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) ICEONE
Savu KIMI 250g Shisha Tabak (10x25g) KIMI
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Product information
Tobacco type: Virginia
Taste: Fruity, Süßlich
Flavor: Bonbon, Lime
Content: 250g
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