Vandenberg V1 Phunnel White Crystal

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Colors. Choose the one you like best.

Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Gold Antik Gold Antik
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Mitternachtsblau Mitternachtsblau
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Zartgrün Zartgrün
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Jade Jade
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Weiss Kristall Weiss Kristall
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Temmoku Pflaume Temmoku Pflaume
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Weiß Matt Weiß Matt
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Samoa Samoa
Vandenberg V1 Phunnel Ibiza Ibiza
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Vandenberg V1 Phunnel White crystal - What makes this bowl so special? The Vandenberg V1 in the... more
Product information

Vandenberg V1 Phunnel White crystal - What makes this bowl so special?

The Vandenberg V1 in the colour white crystal impresses with its impressive burning temperature of 1300 degrees. This enables efficient heat distribution, allowing the tobacco to develop its full flavour. Made from clay, the bowl helps to promote a first-class smoking experience. In addition, the Phunnel bowl enjoys an excellent reputation for its outstanding quality and performance.

How much tobacco does the Vandenberg V1 White Crystal consume?

The Vandenberg V1 - White Crystal bowl offers space for 17-20 g of tobacco, which allows for an enjoyable smoking session without consuming too much tobacco. The phunnel is suitable for use with an HMD as well as with aluminium foil.

Suitable HMD are the AO 912 HMD and the ONMO HMD.

The production of the Vandenberg V1 - White Crystal Phunnel

The handmade Vandenberg V1 - White Crystal bowl is carefully manufactured in Germany. The manufacturing process is extremely complex and guarantees outstanding quality.

Important note:
Due to the handmade production process, the shape and colour of the heads may differ slightly from the image in the product picture. This is not a reason for complaint.

Height: approx. 10.8 cm
Depot depth: approx. 1 cm
Outer diameter: approx. 7.8 cm
Inner diameter: approx. 6.9 cm
Color: Gray, White
Material: Clay
Product type: Bowl
Bowl type: Phunnel bowl
Suitable for: Aluminium foil, HMD
Tobacco depot in grams: 20
Wie viel Gramm passt in den Kopf?: 17-20
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