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Hookah base - Probably the most important component of the hookah

The hookah base is one of the most important components of a hookah. The hookah base, which is usually made of glass, you fill with water to cool the smoke that you inhale. Without the water in the base, the smoke would be too warm to enjoy the hookah. Thus, the hookah Bowl is probably the most important component.

Which hookah base is the right one?

When it comes to the hookah base, there are many differences that you should consider before you decide to buy one. Basically, the hookah base is divided into two types based on the closure type of the base. There is the plug-in base and the hookah base with a screw thread. The plug-in base can only be used if you own a base with a plug-in closure and the hookah base with a screw closure if you own a hookah with a thread.

If you own a plug-in hookah, you are much more open to customization in terms of the hookah base. Most plug-in glasses have an inner diameter of 45 mm & are suitable for most plug-in hookah bases. Of the plug-in hookah bases, there are small and large variants, which are perfect depending on which hookah you have. So, for example, if you have a VYRO - Penta, you can use any plug base with an inner diameter of at least 45 mm, whether large or small. Whether a large plug-in hookah base fits optically with a medium-sized hookah is up to you. However, if you have a large hookah such as the VYRO - Versa, a large plug-in base fits perfectly optically. However, it must also be said that the VYRO - Versa hookah has a divisible downstem, which in turn means that both a large and a small hookah plug-in base fits perfectly - depending on how you want to smoke the hookah. However, there is one drawback with the plug-in hookah bases - you can't lift the hookah above the hookah base under any circumstances, otherwise the base would simply come off.

In addition to the plug-in base, there is then the previously mentioned hookah base with a screw cap. Here, one is always dependent on the thread of the hookah stembase. In contrast to the plug-in base, the base with a screw cap is simply screwed to the stembase of the hookah by means of a thread. This makes the whole thing much safer, of course. Of course, the hookah should still not be worn above the base, but it would hold. A good example of hookah bases with screw thread is the base of AEON - Edition 4, which comes in different color variations & has an iconic, unique shape. The AEON - Edition 4 hookah bases are handmade and are therefore always unique.

How much water fits into a hookah base?

Since many hookah bases are handmade, the volume in the bowl always varies slightly. Of course, it also depends on the shape of the base & whether you have a small or large hookah base. We have a list of how much water fits into which of our bases. So you always have an approximate guideline to which you can orient yourself with the water level.

  • AEON - Edition 4 Lounge water level: approx. 500 ml
  • AEON - Edition 4 Basic water level: approx. 600 ml
  • AEON - Edition 4 Premium with long downstem Water level: approx. 500 ml
  • AEON - Edition 4 Premium with short downstem Water level: approx. 600 ml
  • AEON - Edition 4 Lounge Mini Neo water level: approx. 190 ml
  • VYRO - Penta Water level: approx. 500 ml
  • VYRO - Spectre water level: approx. 700 ml
  • VYRO - Versa water level: approx. 1700 ml
  • VYRO - Evoke water level: approx. 1200 ml
  • VYRO - One water level: approx. 100 ml

Our bases are all handmade, which means that slight variations are possible. In general, we recommend that the downstem is about 1.5 - 2 cm in the water. If you have a hookah base that does not allow you to see the water level, we recommend that you fill the glass by feel and then assemble the hookah. Now you can separate the hookah from the base again and see how deep the downstem is in the water by looking at the water imprint on the downstem.

What is the best way to clean a hookah base?

We have created a detailed blog post on this topic, in which we discuss the optimal cleaning of a hookah base. 
You can find the blog post here.

Buy a hookah base

In our store you will find the right hookah base for every wish. We have different plug-in bases for your plug-in hookah, whether large or small. Of course, we also have our own hookah bases for our models such as AEON - Edition 4 in the assortment. The AEON Edition 4 bases are available in a wide range of different colors. Choose the hookah base that fits best to your personal hookah setup.

  • Here you will find all hookah bases to plug in large: Large hookah plug-in bases
  • If you are looking for a small hookah base to plug in, you will find it here: Small hookah plug-in bases
  • And if you are looking for an AEON hookah base for your AEON - Edition 4, you are right here: AEON hookah bases