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Why should you use a hookah cleaner?

If you don't clean your hookah regularly, a lot of dirt, due to run-off molasses & small tobacco leaves, will settle in the entire hookah. To counteract this, regular and thorough hookah cleaning is extremely important. If you do not clean the hookah for a long time, the hookah tastes almost unpleasant & simply dirty. Hygiene is also essential when smoking hookah!

Hookah cleaning - the right way!

A dirty hookah does not taste good and does not look good. In order to enjoy your hookah for a long time, cleaning it is very important. Especially if you have bought an expensive hookah, you want to have fun with it for a long time. But what is the best way to clean a hookah? We have compiled the most important tips for cleaning hookah for you.

Hookah cleaner - What do you need?

Before you start cleaning your hookah, you should get the right accessories. These include a smoke column brush, a base cleaning brush, an wire brush to keep your hookah HMD clean & a hookah detergent (For example, a cleaning powder). As a hookah cleaning detergent we recommend the AO KOKA Clean Powder for your hookah cleaning. To get your hookah base gently and perfectly clean, we also recommend the AEON - SONIQ CLEANER. With the SONIQ CLEANER from AEON, your hookah base is cleaned with ultrasonic waves. While the device makes your base shine again, you can take care of the stainless steel parts of your hookah. Hookah cleaning can be easy with a good cleaner.

Instruction: This is how it works - Proper Shisha cleaning!

First, you should disassemble all parts of the hookah and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. The first thing we recommend you to do when cleaning the hookah is to take care of the hookah base. The base can be filled with lukewarm water & a hookah detergent can be added. In the time where the cleaner in conjunction with the water does its job, you can prepare the other components of your hookah for an optimal cleaning.

The remaining parts of the hookah can now also be processed with the detergent. Once the individual parts have been processed with the cleaner of your choice, the smoke column brush is used. Make sure that you also work all corners and edges thoroughly with the brush. After you have thoroughly cleaned all the individual parts, you can get back to base cleaning.

After the base filled with water & detergent has been left to stand for a while so that the cleaner can take effect, you can now clean the base with the next important product for hookah cleaning, a hookah bowl brush. This should remove even the most stubborn dirt. Afterwards, simply rinse the base with fresh water until no detergent is visible in the base. Take hookah cleaning to the next level with the AEON - SONIQ CLEANER. Easy hookah cleaning with ultrasonic waves.

After cleaning your shisha, let all parts dry well before reassembling them.

How often should you clean your hookah?

Optimally, you should clean your hookah after every bowl. Of course, it also depends on how often you smoke hookah and what flavors you smoke. If it is a flavor or tobacco, where the taste settles very quickly in the hookah, you should start with the hookah cleaning of course earlier. We start after every 2, but at the latest after the 3 bowl with the hookah cleaning. At the latest when the hookah tastes unpleasant or funny, you should clean the hookah immediately.

Conclusion: Regular hookah cleaning is correct and important!

To keep your hookah in top condition, regular hookah cleaning is essential. When cleaning your hookah, make sure to thoroughly clean and dry all parts before reassembling it. Through proper hookah cleaning, you can enjoy your hookah for a long time and have fun with it without any problems.