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Shisha bowl - the most important product for a successful smoking experience.

A good hookah bowl is crucial for the taste, smoke development and quality of the smoke. Of course, the hookah tobacco is an equally important part of it all, but without the right bowl, it won't do you any good either. At AEON Hookah you will find the right hookah bowl for your needs. 

Which hookah bowl is the right one?

When buying a hookah bowl, there are many things to consider. Basically, it must be said that there are different types of hookah bowls, which all function & perform differently. One usually distinguishes between the variants "phunnel" and "multi-hole bowl". With the different hookah bowl there are of course also differences, both in price, quality & as well as the capacity of the tobacco depot.

Shisha bowl - Phunnel

A "Phunnel" hookah bowl usually has only one hole in the middle of the tobacco deposit. This means that the tobacco is simply built around this hole. Usually between 12 and 25 grams of tobacco go into a phunnel. Here, of course, especially in the time of the 25 gram rule, which prohibits tobacco in larger packaging units, than 25 grams to sell, it is advantageous if one has a phunnel, in which only 12-15 grams of tobacco fit. This is where the VYRO - Globe Phunnel hookah bowl is perfect. It comes in 11 different colors & it fits between 12 and 15 grams of tobacco in the tobacco depot.

Shisha Bowl - multi-hole bowl / turkish bowl

The multi-hole bowl or turkish bowl is a hookah bowl that has several small holes in the middle of the tobacco depot. Probably the best known example of this is the standard clay bowl in conjunction with a chimney attachment. This setup is still used in many hookah lounges today. But this type of shisha bowl there are many differences & variations. If you are looking for a good turkish bowl, you will also find a lot of manufacturers from the Russian area, because this setup is very popular especially there.

What is the best way to pack the hookah bowl?

On the subject of hookah bowl packing, you could unconditionally make a study. It all depends on how you prefer to smoke. Of course, there are a few tips and tricks on how to easily pack a working hookah bowl, but in the end, you have to try around to see what works best for you & how the bowl tastes best for you. With the hookah bowl variant "Phunnel" it is important that you fill the entire tobacco deposit with tobacco & make sure that the edge of the hookah bowl stays clean. You can build the tobacco to just below the edge of the bowl, so that it still has some distance to the HMD. With this type of bowl construction, you can also give a little more heat in the beginning. You can also build the tobacco so high that it is slightly above the edge of the phunnel, in order to create a full contact with the HMD. Here you should pay attention to the hookah bowl not to give too much heat, otherwise the bowl tastes burnt very quickly. Here fits the saying "The proof of the pudding is in the eating". Feel your way slowly to the topic & quickly find out what works best for you. Depending on how much heat you give the hookah bowl, the taste also changes.

With the turkish bowl or multi-hole hookah bowl, it's all a bit easier. Just make sure that the entire tobacco deposit is loosely fluffy filled with hookah tobacco. Here you can of course again decide how high the tobacco is built. There are multi-hole bowls that are also perfect for use with an HMD. So you don't have to use a multi-hole bowl in conjunction with your chimney top. Especially darkblend hookah tobacco is perfect for a setup with turkish bowl & HMD. A good example of a good turkish bowl is the AEON x Solaris - Nova. If you build the AEON x Solaris hookah bowl loose & fluffy, the bowl consumes only about 15 grams of tobacco and is perfect for use with a HMD.