Hookah hose - for a pleasant hookah session

One of the most important products for hookah smoking is the hookah hose. It connects the hookah with the mouthpiece and directs the smoke to the mouthpiece or into your mouth when you pull on the hookah. The hookah hose should therefore be as easy to clean as possible and have a pleasant feel, so that smoking hookah becomes a real pleasure.

What properties should good hookah hoses have?

The properties of hookah hoses are crucial to whether or not the product serves its purpose. So when buying a hookah silicone hose for your hookah, be sure to look for the following criteria before making a choice.

  • Hookah hoses should be as easy to clean as possible, because the smoke can get stuck in the hose
  • The surface of the silicone hoses should have a pleasant feel through a soft touch surface, so that it is good in the hand when smoking and you have a good feeling
  • The hookah hose should also have a thick wall thickness, so that it does not bend so easily and ensures a good transition to the mouthpiece
  • The appearance of the hookah hose should please you - There are many different colors and design
  • Length of silicone hose should not be shorter than 1.5 m, but this is usually often the standard
  • The quality or processing of the hose should be good - In our store you will find high quality silicone hoses

Which material is best suited for a hookah hose?

Most hookah hoses are made of silicone, as this material is easy to clean & inexpensive. Due to this choice of material in hookah hose, it comes in many different colors. As a material for hookah hoses, but also leather or imitation leather and plastic are used. With plastic hoses, it is usually a disposable hose.

Different colors of silicone hoses

There are different colors of hookah hoses, with which you can enhance the look of your hookah. In addition, you will find hoses with a carbon look in different colors in our store, which are a good complement to a mouthpiece, or a carbon smoke column. These hoses are also made of silicone and are very easy to clean. However, the color of the hose does not necessarily have to match your hookah. That's up to everyone, but isn't it a cool feeling when everything fits together?

The following silicone hose colors can be found in the hose category on our site:

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Light blue
  • Transparent
  • White
  • Silver
  • Green
  • Black with Carbon Optics
  • Gold with Carbon Optics

What to do if the hookah hose bends?

If you have a hookah hose with a low wall thickness, this is not the end of the world. There is also a solution for this, so that you can smoke with your silicone hookah hose without any problems. There are hose springs that you simply put over the hookah hose, at the end where it is connected to the hose connection, which is in the hookah. With a hose spring, the kinking of your hookah hose is then prevented.

By the way, you can also find hose springs here in our store. We have a selection of different colors in the assortment for a small budget.

What is the best way to clean the hookah hose?

You can simply rinse the hookah hose with warm water. If the hose is very dirty and has a strong smell, you can use a shisha cleaner. We recommend the cleaning powder from AO, which you can find here. The cleaning of your hookah hose is very simple. The hookah hoses can also be cleaned with our AEON SONIQ Cleaner. With the SONIQ Cleaner, the hoses are cleaned quickly and easily with ultrasonic waves.

The right mouthpieces for all hookah hoses

In our store you will find different mouthpieces that fit all hookah hoses. The material also plays a big role here. We offer different mouthpieces made of different materials such as carbon, acrylic glass, V2A steel (stainless steel), aluminum, glass and plastic. The selection of the hookah mouthpiece can then be matched to the colors of your hookah, just like the silicone hose.

With a mouthpiece made of glass, of course, you have to be a little more careful, because, as with everything that is made of glass, it is very fragile. Price also plays a big role with the hookah mouthpiece. Depending on the length and material of the article, you have a price between 7.90 € and 32.90 €.

So with us you have a wide selection of different mouthpieces for every budget. A good mouthpiece does not always have to have the highest price.

Silicone hose with aluminum mouthpiece in hose set.

An aluminum mouthpiece is particularly suitable for beginners. The aluminum mouthpiece is available in our store directly with a matching silicone hose in the hose set to buy. Here you can choose between 2 lengths of the hose set. On the one hand, there is the hose set as a 30 cm model, which is a good length to smoke at home with it and on the other hand, there is the 20 cm model, which is well suited for travel. Especially in connection with the small travel hookah VYRO - One the hose set does very well. So the length of the mouthpiece can be crucial depending on what it is used for.

How long should you use a hookah hose?

Since most hookah hoses are made of silicone, they theoretically last a long time due to the material silicone. Thorough cleaning of the hose is of great importance. But after a certain time, the tobacco aroma settles in the hoses due to the smoke and you should replace your silicone hose with a new one. Since the price of a silicone hose is quite low, you can replace your hoses with new ones here every few months.

Buy hookah hose in AEON hookah Shop

In our online store we offer you a wide range of different hookah hoses in best quality. Whether you are looking for a classic black hookah hose or a colorful hookah silicone hose in red or blue - here every hookah smoker is guaranteed to find the perfect hookah hose in the desired color. To find the perfect hose for your hookah even better, you can activate the filter in the hose category. This way, the page will only show you the results that are interesting for you.

If you are not sure which silicone hose fits best to your hookah, or you need more information about the article, you can of course always contact our customer service. We are happy to help you with the selection of the right hookah hose. So you will always find the right item for your favorite hobby.