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Hookah HMD (Heat Management Device)

In our online store you will find a wide selection of different HMD's, which are available on the hookah market. We have different HMD from well-known manufacturers such as Kaloud, Na Grani, AO. Also the well-known chimney attachments may not be missing with the term HMD. Each HMD has been tested by us and is also used daily in our team. 

What do you need a Shisha Smokebox for?

A HMD (Heat Management Device), serves that you have an attachment instead of the usual aluminum foil, in which the hookah charcoal is placed. A Hookah HMD saves you a lot of time, because you don't have to use hookah aluminum foil. The HMD is simply placed on the bowl (phunnel or even turkish bowl and then heats your hookah tobacco. The heat regulation of the hookah tobacco is very easy to regulate, because you can decide for yourself how much hookah charcoal you put into your hookah HMD. Some HMD's also have a lid for a more precise heat regulation. Also very advantageous is the aspect that with a hookah HMD the coal is not pulled so strongly into the tobacco, because the ventilation holes are usually located on the side next to the hookah coal.

What is special about a Shisha HMD?

The Hookah HMD comes in different colors, different materials and in different shapes. You can thus not only optimize your smoking experience, but also enhance the appearance of your hookah. Through the aspects already mentioned above, a hookah HMD helps you to improve and simplify your hookah experience. Depending on the material the HMD is made of, you can use it for different setups. For example, a stainless steel HMD can be perfectly used for a setup with a turkish bowl, where the tobacco is built at a distance with the HMD. This is because this hookah bowl setup usually requires more heat.

Which HMD suits me best?

As described before, there are different HMD's that you can choose with a clear conscience. However, you should think in advance for which hookah bowl setup the HMD is used & whether it fits your smoking behavior. Some hookah tobaccos are more sensitive to heat than others, so you should also keep that in mind. Here are a few points to think about before you decide on a HMD.

  • What material should the HMD be made of?
  • Does the color of the HMD match my hookah or my setup? The color silver, for example, fits of course to almost every hookah.
  • Is the HMD compatible with my hookah bowls?
  • Do I rather smoke with a phunnel or with a turkish bowl?
  • What is the best way to clean a HMD?

As soon as you use a shisha HMD in a setup where the tobacco is in direct contact with the HMD, it will quickly get dirty. The burnt hookah tobacco settles directly on the HMD. But this is not a problem at all! We tell you how to clean your HMD easily. After smoking, you should of course let it cool down first. Once the HMD has cooled down, you can simply scrape off the remains of the tobacco with a small knife or fork. 

After you have removed the coarse remains, you can use an HMD cleaning brush to clean the HMD. Depending on how dirty the HMD is, it may not clean right away. To get the HMD back to near mint condition, we recommend you soak it in a container of water for a few hours. After that, the dirt can be easily removed with the HMD cleaning brush. If you have only one HMD at home, it is recommended to soak it overnight in the container with water. 

Why should I buy a hookah HMD online?

We offer in our Hookah store HMD's selected by us, which we have tested ourselves and also regularly use ourselves. Should you decide to buy a hookah HMD from our store, your order will be shipped directly via UPS & you can pay with secure payment methods. If you are not sure which HMD is best suited for your smoking habits, you are welcome to write to us at any time and let us advise you. We will be happy to help you with the purchase of your new hookah HMD.