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You are looking for the best hookah for your needs?

We have a wide range of hookah in our assortment and maybe the best hookah for your needs is also here in our assortment. Are you looking for a small hookah, a medium hookah or even a large hookah? Through our filter, you can display our hookah assortment exactly according to your specifications, which is adapted to your needs and thus perhaps find the best hookah for you. If you have any further questions about our hookah, we can also advise you personally via WhatsApp and help you find the perfect hookah for your needs.

Why you should buy the best hookah from us

We have been active in the hookah market for over 7 years, developing our own hookah. In the search for the best hookah, we are always in close contact with our customers and let ideas, wishes and ideas of our customers flow into our products. We also always make sure that we offer fair prices and that the best workmanship is chosen. Our hookahs are divided into AEON and VYRO hookahs and are designed for different target groups. The AEON brand is more for the enthusiasts and people who smoke hookah more often, using the innovative features of our hookahs. VYRO hookahs, on the other hand, are more affordable, but also offer innovative features, the best workmanship and unique designs. When looking for the perfect hookah for your needs, you will probably then choose an AEON or VYRO brand hookah.

So how do I choose the perfect hookah?

Through our hookah filter you can easily find your perfect hookah by answering 3 short questions. Here we have chosen 3 questions that can pretty much give you a result at the end, which hookah is best suited for you. All our hookahs are made of V2A stainless steel and therefore meet the high quality requirements of our customers. Now it is still to clarify for each person individually, whether one prefers a small hookah or a large hookah. Would you prefer to place the hookah in a dominant position in your living room or should the hookah be smaller and, for example, also very suitable for on the road? For a small compact hookah we recommend our VYRO - One which weighs only 1.5 kg and can therefore be taken very easily. For hookah smoking with friends, we recommend our AEON Edition 4 Premium, which includes innovative features such as the APS, whereby you can blow out automatically, although several people pull on the hookah.

The expert for buying the best hookah online

We are always ready for you to chat via WhatsApp at +49 151 40510670 and will be very happy to advise you on buying your best hookah. Through our fast shipping with UPS, your package will be at your home in a few days.