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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Is it a problem that the cables behind the control unit are touching the stainless steel of the HMD?
Very observant eye! But no, the cables are insulated with PTFE, which is designed for much higher temperatures, so everything is fine.
Is it normal for something to move inside the NEVO HMD when shaken?
Yes, that's completely normal. There is a small disk inside the HMD that should not be fixed, as it could damage the heating element. You can hear it when you shake it.
Are there shishas that are better/worse suited for use with the NEVO?
Generally, the NEVO is designed to retrofit any shisha for electric operation. However, a positive impact on performance is clearly noticeable with shishas that have a stainless steel smoke column (the shorter, the better!), and specifically the use with portable shishas like the VYRO ONE greatly improves performance.
How do I clean my NEVO PURE?
The PURE was deliberately made of stainless steel, as stainless steel is much easier to clean than aluminum. Between sessions, you can simply scrape off the tobacco lightly. For more intense cleaning, running water should never be used. To make your NEVO PURE look like new again, you can leave it on a damp pot sponge overnight. After about 8 hours or longer, the soaked tobacco residues can be easily wiped off. If some tobacco falls into the NEVO PURE, it's not a big deal, but it should be avoided if possible.
How do I build my bowl for optimal performance?
In our experience, you should stick to Phunnel with the NEVO PURE. All well-known manufacturers are recommended, cheap China bowls usually severely limit performance. The most important thing about building the bowl: You unfortunately have to get used to switching from coal to the PURE! More contact brings less smoke with the PURE. For an optimal bowl, use a not too moist tobacco of your choice and build it up to just below the rim of the bowl. For varieties that are a bit harder to smoke, lightly pressing the tobacco helps. To regulate the heat, start on level 3, and smoke slowly after the 9-minute heating phase. After about 5-10 minutes, you can then adjust the temperature over the levels.
How do the buttons of the NEVO PURE work?
The control panel of the PURE is deliberately chosen to be somewhat unresponsive to avoid accidental changes in temperature. To press any button, the button must be pressed hard but briefly. For easy operation, you can use your fingernail well.
Do I need to burn out my PURE before first use?
The PURE is fully heated during quality control. However, residues can still reach the heating element during shipping. To be safe, you can heat it through before the first use, but it is not strictly necessary.

Important Information:

  • Please make sure that the cable connected to the NEVO control unit is properly connected and not forced in, as otherwise the pins can be destroyed and the device will no longer work. The flat side of the 4-pin connector must be attached facing towards the head.