Support / FAQ

When will my order be delivered?

As soon as your order has been paid in full, your order will be packed in our warehouse and then shipped. Within Germany, the package is then usually 1-2 business days later with you (with express shipping on the next business day). You can also view your current shipment status in the customer area. The tracking link will be sent to you automatically by e-mail after the package has been shipped. Please check your spam folder if necessary.


What payment options are available?

You can pay your order by bank transfer (prepayment), Paypal or EasyCredit installment payment. EasyCredit installment payment is only available for customers who live in Germany. Please note that we have no influence on whether your installment payment request is accepted or rejected. If you have any problems with the installment payment, please contact the payment provider.


How much does the article cost in my currency?

To convert the Euro price displayed on the website into your currency, we recommend you to use a currency converter:


With which service provider do you ship the packages?

We ship within Germany with DHL (delivery time Germany 1-2 business days). Worldwide shipping is done with UPS (transit time approx. 5 - 7 business days). Express packages within Germany are also shipped with UPS.


What are the delivery costs?

To calculate the delivery costs, we recommend that you add the desired items to your shopping cart. In the shopping cart itself, you have the option of specifying your delivery country and displaying the delivery costs directly.


Are there also countries to which we do not ship?

Except for a few exceptions, we ship to almost all countries worldwide. For the countries we do not ship to, we have exclusive distributors who sell our goods there. The dealers for each country are:

Australia: or

Hong Kong:


New Zealand: or


When is the article "XYZ" available again?

Due to the very high demand of our articles, it often happens that certain articles are sold out. Usually all items will be restocked within 2-3 weeks. We recommend that you create an email notification for the item. This is possible directly on the product page. Please note that you must then accept the notification (an email will be sent to you and the email address must be correct). Furthermore, we also post regularly on Instagram when items are back in stock.


Is it possible to pre-order or reserve items?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to pre-order or reserve items. However, you can set an e-mail notification for the desired item. We also post regularly to the Instagram Story for new products.


I want to cancel an order, what is the best way to do it?

If you want to cancel your order, please send us an email to the following email address: We check the cancellations that arrive there every morning, so they can still be processed before the order is packed and shipped. Please do not send cancellations via WhatsApp or Instagram, as it may be seen too late and the order has already been shipped. It would also be great if you can include a reason for the cancellation directly. This helps us personally to optimize our processes.


How much ml of water goes into the base?

Since our bases are all handmade, slight deviations are possible. As an optimal water level, we recommend that the dip tube is about 1.5 - 2 cm in the water. If you have a glass that does not allow you to see the water level, we recommend that you fill the glass by feel and then assemble the hookah. Now you can separate the shisha from the base again and see how deep the dip tube is in the water by looking at the water imprint on the dip tube.


When do the bundles in general come back to the webshop? 

The availability of the bundle depends on the availability of the items included in the bundle. Only if all included items are in stock, the bundle will be available again. It is best to set up an email notification in our webshop so that you will be informed when the bundle is back in stock.  


Is it possible to purchase the heart individually? 

We do not offer the heart individually for sale. This is only possible in exceptions, if the heart is completely unusable, because it has fallen, for example, and is so dented that you can no longer insert the smoke column. If this is the case, please contact our support and we will help you there. Please also send us a picture of the broken heart so that we can check the whole thing and process the request faster.


I would like to purchase a base individually, is this possible?

Currently, the Edition 4 bases are not offered individually for sale in the webshop. This is because the bases are currently not so easy to get and we need them for the complete Edition 4 Shishas. But if you absolutely need an Edition 4 base, just write a message to our support and with a little luck your favorite base is currently in stock and we can create an order for it. Please note that this can only be done with the payment method "bank transfer" or "PayPal".


The color gradient of my bowl is different from what is shown on the website

Please note that all of our glasses are handmade and may differ from colors and color gradients. The images shown on the website are just sample images. Please also note that due to time restrictions, we unfortunately do not have the ability to pick out a bowl of your choice based on your colors.


It looks like my shisha is rusting, what can be done about it? 

Our shishas are made of V2 stainless steel, which in itself can not rust. However, if rust has formed nevertheless, it is flash rust. This can occur when a part of the hookah comes into contact with an object that has already rusted. The rust film can be removed without problems with a little citric acid.


The smoke column cannot be detached from the heart, what can be done?

Please follow the cleaning instructions included with each shisha. The smoke column has a ground joint and can become jammed if not handled properly and poorly cleaned, making it difficult to detach. Therefore, please always pay attention to the cleaning and drying of your shisha. If the grind is jammed, please try to put a piece of wood from below into the heart against the smoke column and then hit lightly with a rubber mallet against the piece of wood to loosen the grind. If this does not help, you can send us the heart + smoke column and we will loosen the smoke column from the heart for you. Please contact us by e-mail:


I have a problem with the APS system, what can be done? / My Edition 4 vibrates or leaks

This problem is very easy to fix and only occurs if the APS system of your Edition 4 has been set incorrectly. Please contact Andreas Rauch directly via WhatsApp at +49 1522 9563401 for quick assistance.


Are the old Invert smoke columns compatible with the new Invert smoke columns?

Since the old Invert smoke columns do not yet have a ground joint, but the new ones do, you cannot use the old and the new Invert smoke columns together.


Can the purges for the Invert smoke columns be purchased individually?

The purges for the Invert smoke columns can now only be purchased in combination with the complete Invert smoke columns. Purges V3 and V4 have also been removed from stock.


What is the best setting for the blow-off of my VYRO Evoke?

So of course there are different combinations of the bullets that you can use for the Evoke. However, the combination that we recommend, as it provides the best smoking experience, is the following:

In the base: 4 small glass balls

In the hose end pieces: 4 large stainless steel balls 


The laser on my laser coaster is crooked?

Due to the production process, it may happen that the lasers are not installed 100% straight in the board. This is due to the fact that the laser boards are all assembled by hand. This is not a reason for complaint.


You have questions about your order or a question about our products that could not be clarified yet?

Then please contact us at the following addresses:
WhatsApp: +49 151 40510670
Please note that due to time constraints we are unfortunately unable to offer telephone support! You are welcome to contact us via WhatsApp message, Instagram message or email. Thank you for your understanding.