Carbon mouthpiece - what is carbon?

Carbon mouthpiece is becoming more and more popular among hookah lovers. Carbon, also known as carbon fiber, is a lightweight material reinforced with fibers of carbon, which is very light and strong. It is perfect for use as a mouthpiece because it is very durable and has a neutral odor.

Advantages of a carbon mouthpiece

One advantage of carbon mouthpieces is their durability. Carbon is a very durable material that does not break or get damaged as easily as other materials, even with intensive use. Another advantage is the light weight of carbon. Thanks to the light material, the carbon mouthpiece fits comfortably in the hand and provides a relaxed smoking experience. All conventional silicone hoses are compatible with the hookah carbon mouthpiece on offer.

The right choice of a carbon mouthpiece

In our hookah online store you will find a wide selection of carbon mouthpieces in different colors, designs and sizes. If you are looking for a carbon mouthpiece for your hookah that is not only high quality but also durable, you have come to the right place. In our store you will find a huge selection of carbon mouthpieces, which convince with their special features and advantages. You will be thrilled by the light weight and the ideal size, because they offer maximum comfort when smoking. The carbon mouthpiece is not only robust, but also tasteless, which allows you to enjoy an unadulterated smoking experience. In order not to have to do without the mouthpiece even when traveling, we have carbon mouthpieces in a handy size of 17 cm in the offer. These can be easily stowed in your luggage and are therefore always handy when you need them. The dimensions 30 & 40 cm are a good choice if you want to start a hookah session in the comfort of your own home.

In our online store, we have a wide range of colors for the carbon mouthpiece to choose from. From blue to gold and even the hip Forged Carbon, which offers an even cooler look than the traditional carbon. As we all know, taste is a very individual matter. However, the important thing is that the VYRO Carbon mouthpiece convinces with its excellent quality and reasonable price.

How do I clean my carbon mouthpiece properly?

The material is very easy to clean and can be disinfected quickly and easily. In addition, carbon can be conveniently rubbed due to its smooth surface. After each use, you should simply clean the mouthpiece with warm water and a brush the tube from the inside to keep it hygienic. This way you can use it even longer. Each carbon mouthpiece in our range is equipped with a stainless steel holder, which prevents the mouth from coming into direct contact with the carbon. This ensures hygienic use at all times.