VYRO One V3 - Forged Silver

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VYRO One V3 - Ghost Ghost
VYRO One V3 - Frozen Ghost Frozen Ghost
VYRO One V3 - Forged Rose Forged Rose
VYRO One V3 - Carbon Mint Carbon Mint
VYRO One V3 - Forged Black Forged Black
VYRO One V3 - Forged Forged
VYRO One V3 - Forged Gold Forged Gold
VYRO One V3 - Forged Silver Forged Silver
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VYRO One V3 - Forged Silver Welcome to the latest generation of the VYRO ONE The new VYRO - One... more
Product information

VYRO One V3 - Forged Silver

Welcome to the latest generation of the VYRO ONE

The new VYRO - One has been redesigned so that the blow-off is now at the top of the lid, allowing more balls to be accommodated and thus enabling an easier blow-off, where the probability of flooding has been greatly minimised. The integration of several balls in the lid minimises the dripping of condensation.

The VYRO One V3 Forged Silver is your loyal partner when travelling

The VYRO One is the ideal travel hookah for on the go and is made from V2A stainless steel and genuine carbon fibre or PVC. In contrast to the previous model, the VYRO One V2, the sleeve of the VYRO One V3 is firmly glued, which ensures constant tightness.

High-quality materials for long-lasting enjoyment

The body of the VYRO One V3 is made of real carbon fibre or PVC and not glass, making it ideal for festivals and ensuring a high level of stability. The design of the VYRO - One V3 ensures that the centre of gravity of the shisha is at the bottom, which ensures stability without tipping over easily, even with its small size. The hose connection is located at the bottom of the One to prevent the hose from kinking or the shisha from tipping over when being pulled. The VYRO - One also has an integrated diffuser for a pleasant draught. The draught and general smoking behaviour have also been revised in the One V3.

Larger scope of delivery

A 17 cm VYRO aluminium mouthpiece and a black VYRO silicone hose are now included as standard. This means you can plan your next outdoor session straight away with the VYRO One V3.
Scope of delivery of the VYRO - One V3 Forged Silver
1x VYRO One V3 - Forged Silver
1x VYRO aluminium mouthpiece 17 cm
1x VYRO silicone hose black

It is possible that some decorative threads in the carbon have colour deviations or are unevenly laid. Small air bubbles in the carbon fibre or small scratches in the PVC may also occur due to tension. This is not a reason for complaint.

We advise you not to smoke acidic tobacco in the models with PVC (Ghost, Frozen Ghost) and not to use acidic cleaning agents for cleaning. The acid could attack the PVC.
Material: Carbon, V2A stainless steel
Color: Black, Silver
Product type: Hookah
Perfect for: On the way
Height in cm: 15,5
Size: Small
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