The absolute classic among hookah bowls - the turkish bowl

A turkish bowl is a popular type of hookah bowl that provides a more intense smoking experience. The turkish bowl has several holes in the tobacco depot, which provide good air circulation. There are different turkish bowls that can be used with different attachments such as chimney attachment or HMD. 

For whom is a turkish bowl suitable? 

The traditional turkish bowl is especially suitable for people who have just started smoking hookah, or want to start. It is easy to build & forgiving of many mistakes that can occur in bowl packing. Tobacco varieties such as grape mint or double apple are often smoked in a turkish bowl in conjunction with a chimney top. This is often found in many hookah lounges around the world. However, hookah professionals can also have their fun with the turkish bowl. Especially the turkish bowls that are planned to be used with a HMD can deliver an excellent performance. 

Packing a turkish bowl - what's the best way to do it?

In advance, it can be said that the bowl packing of a turkish bowl is child's play. Simply drop the tobacco loosely fluffy into the tobacco depot and distribute it neatly at the end. Make sure that the holes at the bottom of the tobacco depot are not clogged. If the holes are clogged, the draft suffers enormously. We recommend you to build the tobacco edge high. So you should achieve clean results with the turkish bowl, especially as a beginner. If the intensity and strength of the tobacco is not enough, you can simply build it a little higher next time. As soon as you have finished building the turkish bowl, the chimney cap is simply put on top. 

If you have a turkish bowl that is suitable for use with a HMD, we would recommend building the tobacco slightly below the edge of the bowl. However, you should keep an eye on the heat when doing this. It is best to start with 2 coals in the HMD. 

What should I look for when buying?

When choosing turkish bowls, you should make sure that it is well-made and made of high-quality materials to ensure the best possible smoking experience. Also, make sure that the turkish bowl fits well on the attachment you want to use the bowl with. So, if you want to use a chimney top, you should buy a turkish bowl which fits on to the chimney attachment. 


Overall, a turkish bowl is a great choice for experienced hookah smokers who are looking for a more intense and voluminous smoking experience. At AEON hookah shop, you'll find a wide selection of turkish bowls, with different features. Through the filters in the category, you can choose how much tobacco the bowl consumes & for which attachment the turkish bowl is suitable.